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Bow Valley Muslim Association

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The Bow Valley Muslim Association plays a vital role in Banff and Canmore, serving as a devoted platform for worship and education for the Muslim community in the area.

In addition to providing essential services such as Friday prayers and hosting community gatherings during Eids, the association actively fosters understanding and harmony within the local community, acting as a platform for bringing people together.

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March 2024

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Get in touch for any mosque related queries you may have and we will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible

(+1) 403 497 5383 | 403 688 1537 | 403 431 0991

(Banff) - The Fenlands Banff Recreation Centre, 100 Mt Norquay Rd#2F, Banff, AB

(Canmore) - Canmore Recreation Centre, 1900-8th Avenue, Canmore, AB., T1W 1Y2B

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